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One Day in Rome on our way to Malta 1996

One Day in Rome on our way to Malta 1996

by Eva Szentmiklossy CEO Founder of Ageless Health and Wellness Team

Rome, 1996 - My Son + Me

Rome, 1996 by Colosseum with Istvan+Me Rome, 1996 Great historic Place

On our travel to Malta we had one full day spent in Rome, the town what is still ever in my mind.

We had good place by the beach – sight to Mediterran Sea, walked on the beach and got the feeling of our first day by the Sea.

Good travel with metro to the Historical Rome, where as in our books and have seen more films, the ancient places was fantastic – miracleous and unforgetable.

Some of the best pictures re-found last week, I soon scanned them and put here for all visitors,
who are on the same situation to be in Rome, feel the best for “one – blick”.

I hope I will be there spending more days later,
wish to walk there again, with full heart love for that ancient town.

I wish you have the same goodwills and love by the people around us, with my family and the love in my heart.

Eva Szentmiklossy CEO
Ageless Health and Wellness Team
LifeStyle and Travel Consultant
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Best regards.
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