QWC Business Social Network

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QWC Business Social Network

Community for Quality Web Consultant Team’s
Consultants, Customers & Business  Group Members 
Why and  How
we Found QWC Business Social Network ?
Please read the blog
We Founded this Business Social Network,
the community get involved with our
long time co-working Friends.
We were so excited to show and apply
How and Why
we Found QWC Business Social Network
generating and developing with ocPortal
system, giving us most tools
to webpage – mastering  our website for our
Business Social Network Friends and
future joining guests and visitors.
Co-Founders of QWC Business Social Network:
Eva Szentmiklossy CEO, Co-Founder Goran B Edstrom CEO,Co-Founder
Eva Szentmiklossy CEO,Co-Founder of
QWC Business Social Network – owner of the domain, founded in 2015 –  webmaster of the
QWC Business Social Network
Welcome You, with
Co-Fonder Partner :
Goran B Edström CEO, Co-Founder of
QWC Business Social Network,  – owner of the domain of  Quality Web Consultant Team, Founded in 2010.
I am CEO and Co-Founder,
Living  in Sweden.Stockholm, Europe
We are cordially inviting You all to join our Social network here
Best regards.

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